Deminique Viljoen-Doyle

Yoga Instructor
Deminique Viljoen-Doyle

My yoga journey started quite honestly by a mistake in the gym , I was late for a spinning class and decided to try out yoga as it has been recommended so many times to me before. I remember going through so many thoughts in my first class and going up to my teacher after my first class and saying “Thank you, you have changed my life”. That teacher was Taryn Elise Herselman (Ma Aakash Ganga). After three years of practice, in the pursuit of understanding the teachings of yoga and keeping its balance. I decided to look into teacher training and went through this life-changing journey with Taryn Elise. Although I am a teacher, I always consider myself a student first, I have been influenced by many teachers across our country but a few have also truly shifted my practice ; Desley White, Mary Holland, Tawana Randall and Shasta Jordan are just some of the teachers who I owe a great deal of gratitude to.  

I am highly inspired by nature as I study nature conservation, and I always try to bring an element of the beauty of mother earth into my class. Nature to me is one of the most beautiful teachers.

I hope to walk the yoga journey with you, as I know how life changing the journey has been for me.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat


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