Course Director

Taryn Elise Herselman (Ma Aakash Ganga)

Director of Shakti Yoga Therapy Centre in Gauteng.

Taryn Elise is a qualified yoga therapist and internationally trained yoga teacher with over 12 years of teaching experience. She is also the Director of Yoga Alliance International South Africa and AFRICA.


  • Yoga Circle one year Yoga Teacher training course – August 2005 – South Africa
  • Yoga Vidha Gurukul certified Yoga teacher training course – March 2008 – India
  • Yoga Vidha Gurukul certified Advanced yoga training course – October 2010 – India
  • Yoga Vidha Gurukul certified Yoga Therapy training course – October 2011 -India
  • Aerial Yoga  ®  YAI-certified training course – November 2015 – South Africa
  • Transformational Yoga 500 level Teacher training course – Dec to Jan 2016 – New Delhi, India
  • Masters Degree in Psychological Research – WITS- 2016
  • Grand Master in Meditation course with Swami Vidyanand – Jan 2016 – Pondicherry, India
  • 200 hour TTC and Therapy course at Paramand Yoga Institute – Dec 2016 – Indore, India


  • Practicing Yoga since 1998
  • Teaching yoga since August 2005
  • Director of Shakti Yoga Centre since Jan 2008
  • Conducting 300 level Teacher training courses since March 2011
  • Director of Yoga Alliance International South Africa since August 2014
  • Director of Yoga Alliance International Africa since Jan 2016
  • Conducting 500 level Teacher training course since April 2016


Shakti Yoga TTC Guest Lecturers

Theresa Moodie Wellness Coach

I have been working in the health and wellness industry for more than a decade. I’m passionate about practicing the philosophy that a healthy mind is a healthy body. I offer a unique blend of holistic, mind body awareness which enables my clients to make lifelong changes towards a healthier way of living. When I’m not working you’ll find me enjoying yoga classes in the park, practicing martial arts, learning to longboard and keeping fit.

The word Yoga comes from the sanskrit root word “Yuj” which means to bind, join, attach or yoke. Yoga is a practice that strives to link the mind and the body to function optimally. We will all have a different experience of that union or wholeness. The more I practice and teach Yoga, the more I realise it has come to be an umbrella that joins all the different modalities I have studied over the years. From Traditional Chinese medicine to principles of exercise science, Yoga really is the perfect framework to bring it all together.

I am available for Yoga workshops and Retreats – to see what I’ve been up to and for more information on upcoming retreats, read more on my blog.

My recent retreats have taken me all over the world:

  • Corsica April/May 2016
  • Mauritius July 2016
  • Croatia September 2017
  • Greece September 2018


Laura McDermid

Is a Health Coach who uses a biofeedback device called “SCIO”. She assists client’s in reducing their stress and restoring balance by employing only natural products and methodologies.  Her background information is listed below:


– ND Vet Tech (Technical University of Pretoria)

– Metaphysics (Academy of Metaphysics)

– Biofeedback (Quantum Wellness Technologies)

– Hypnotherapy (IMDHA)

– Ethnomedicine (Translife Centre)


– 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry

– Private wellness practice since 2008

– Guest lecturer on physiology and the chakras at QWT since 2009

– Guest lecturer on Vedanta since 2016